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Administrative Compliance and Controversies

Our attorneys represent clients before federal, state, and local agencies and in administrative forums. We have successfully represented clients before the EEOC, United States Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Naturalization Services, Social Security Administration, Florida Business and Professional Regulations, Florida Real Estate Commission, Florida Board of Education, as well as numerous other federal and state boards and commissions. In addition, our practice in this area offers a unique combination of attorneys with expertise in all areas of administrative and regulatory proceedings and white collar criminal defense. We are able to meet the challenge of escalating criminal, civil, and administrative penalties for white collar and corporate crime. We are also prepared to meet the challenge of compliance with regulatory mandates to ensure compliance with licensing issues, including new licenses, renewals, and challenges to licensure.

Administrative Process and Review

Every state and the Federal Government have an administrative process to resolve disputes.  The administrative process is governed by the Administrative Procedures Act and starts off by requesting a determination or decision from an agency. The determination or decision can take several forms, depending on your relationship with the relevant agency.

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