Private Corporate Counsel Podcast

Are you an entrepreneur? Tune in to “Private Corporate Counsel Podcast” with Hosts Tee Persad as he dives into business issues business owners face, and career advice that can empower you.


Tufts On Tax Podcast

Attorney T. Scott Tufts, Board Certified Tax Lawyer with Florida Bar, will be talking about understanding tax forms and how to prevent tax lawsuits. Attorney Tufts will be discussing how he can offer his legal help if you are experiencing a current tax lawsuit.

Law Moment

Law Moment Podcast

Attorney Hallie Zobel will be discussing various subjects in the law including Probate, Guardianship, and Estate Planning.

Podcast Cover

The Legal Hodgepodge

The Legal Hodgepodge, where we talk a whole lot about immigration and bankruptcy and a little bit about everything else. I am your host, immigration & bankruptcy attorney, Evelyn J. Pabon Figueroa.

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