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Business Skills

  • Tools – How to identify the tools you have and when to use them, and the tools you need and how to get them
  • Progress – what it looks like and how to continue to make progress in your personal and professional life
  • Understanding the types of power and how to use them in your personal and business life
  • Empathy – how to develop cognitive and emotional empathy and the impact of empathy in our personal and business life
  • Influence – the basics of influence and how it is used in our personal and business lives

Strategies for Success

  • Life Cycles – the 7 basic life cycles and how to work towards getting into prime, and how
  • Each life cycle affects the others

             a. Personal Life Cycle

             b. Relationship Life Cycle

             c. Family Life Cycle

             d. Professional Life Cycle

             e. Work/Job Life Cycle

             f. Financial Life Cycle

             g. Business/Enterprise Entrepreneur Life Cycle

  • 360 Analysis – how to use the 360 model to make decisions, gain clarity, and get traction
  • Self-Leadership and Future Pacing – How to identify your 1.0 and create, crystallize and work towards your 2.0
  • EQ – Self-Leadership and the role of emotions – self and social awareness, self-regulation and the relationship management each life cycle affects the others

             a. Mood analysis and management

             b. Emotion analysis and management

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Leadership Skills

  • Leadership – leading organizational subordinates, colleagues and superiors
  • Discovering and Tapping into your life’s force
  • From the victim triangle to empowerment
  • Learning strategies to accelerate knowledge acquisition
  • Organization theory and practice

Business Management Skills

  • How to analyze a business using the “Mini MBA” model
  •  Analyzing a customer segment
  • Developing and improving value propositions
  • Customer Relationship Strategies
  •  The 6 Psychological Stages of your customers
  • Organizational Leadership issues
  • Risk Analysis
  • Strategic Issue Analysis
  • Overcoming obstacles, both external and internal
  • Anticipation and pro-activity
  • The impact of incremental improvement at the system level – the impact of 1% daily improvement
  • Transition Management Tools
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Conflict Resolution Skills

  • US Constitution
  • Profiling Building as a tool to help businesses and improve communications
  • Human Blueprint Analysis – understanding how we develop our rules, expectations and identity, and how this affects us, our business and personal relationships
  • How to recover from negative emotional experiences
  • How to help others recover from negative emotional experiences

Business Development Skills

  • Paradox Theory
  • Loneliness and its impact on us and others

             a. How to recognize it in ourselves and others

             b. The predictable pattern and stages of loneliness

             c. The impact of loneliness on our physical, mental and emotional health

             d. Useful strategies to combat loneliness and minimize its impact on us and others

  • Negotiation Skills

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Effective Tools

While contracts are an effective tool to protect your business against risks and threats from internal workers and external partners, you can enhance this protection by having good policies and procedures in place to guide your workers in their daily tasks and to ensure that everyone complies with the standards you set for the business. This will help create and maintain the positive culture you want and need to improve and grow your business. Therefore, it is a good idea to consult with your Private Corporate Counsel about the following:

Anti-Discrimination Policies

Anti-Harassment Policies

ADA Policies

Vacation, Sick Leave and Volunteer Leave Policies

Pay and Overtime Policies

Conflict Resolution Policies

Performance Improvement Plan Policies

Grooming and Dress Policies

Media Policies

Social Media Policies

Crisis and Disaster Relief Policies

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