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Business must comply with the American Disabilities Act (“ADA)”. The act has strict requirements which must be followed to ensure that Americans with disabilities have equal access to businesses, whether brick and mortar or on-line.  When a business is sued for alleged violation of the ADA, the biggest cost to the business may not be the cost of remodeling the alleged violation, if one actually existed, but attorneys fees and costs associated with defending the case, and the Plaintiffs’ attorney’s fees and costs.  Therefore, it is critical that you contact your Private Corporate Counsel immediately upon receipt of any demand letter, Summons or other document related to any alleged violations of the ADA. Alleged violations can come in many forms, including:

  • Filing to Install Wheelchair Ramp
  • Having Lack of Handrails on Staircases and Hallways
  • Failing To Install Adequate Handicap Restrooms Accommodations
  • Failing To Install Handicap Parking Spots
  • Imposing Special Fees to Accommodate a Disabled Person
  • Not Providing Effective Communication Methods for Impairments
  • Having Hallways or Staircases that are too Steep or Narrow
  • Malfunctioning Elevator or Escalator Systems
  • Not Hiring or Firing Someone for Discriminatory Reasons

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