Green Card


The United States’ immigration laws include several different visa options that provide businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors options to hire foreign talent, open new offices in the US, or increase capital through foreign investments. Depending on the needs of the business, the visa can be a temporary non-immigrant visa, which will allow the foreign employee, investor, or entrepreneur to remain in the US for a certain amount of time, or the visa can be an immigrant visa, which will provide permanent resident status to the foreign employee, investor, or entrepreneur. Spouses and children of the foreign employee, investor, or entrepreneur may be able to obtain a visa and remain in the US with their spouse or parent. These laws are complex and require that certain multi-step processes be followed, which can cause businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors to not take advantage of them. Here at Private Corporate Counsel, we help businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors understand and navigate the US immigration laws and processes in order for them to use these immigration options to help their businesses succeed. We offer a comprehensive approach to this process since, in addition to a competent immigration attorney, we have attorneys, consultants, and mediators with vast experience in the handling of business related issues, who are available to assist throughout the entire process, including the formation and structuring of the business entity to allow for maximum optimization and protection.

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