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Sales Team Development

With growth comes change. And, there are naturally occurring times in a business’ evolution when you need to do things differently to grow. This is true of your sales team’s development as well. To grow your business, you may need to expand your sales team and equip them with new tools to execute your vision for growth.  You may need new salespeople with outbound selling skills who can generate new business. You may need processes that give your salespeople the tools and guidelines they need to succeed. You may need sales pipeline visibility to help you with capacity planning to facilitate increased revenues.

How Will You Know What You Need?

As a valuable Private Corporate Counsel member, we guide you through your business’ growth plan every step of the way. When you are ready to expand and grow your business, we have Sales Experts in our practice who have what you need to execute your growth plan. 

  • Conduct inbound and outbound sales team assessments.
  • Train salespeople on winning sales approaches.
  • Hire and onboard new sales team members.
  • Develop effective sales compensation plans.
  • Turn your revenue goals into execution plans.
  • Create individual and department sales team objectives.
  • Improve cross selling.
  • Develop and execute client retention plans.
  • Design new sales tools: sales process, sales messaging, sales pipeline visibility, individual sales plans.
  • Create a culture of accountability with the sales team.
  • Provide professional sales leadership.

Are You Ready to Take Your Revenues to the Next Level?

The Private Corporate Counsel’s membership program provides unlimited access to business professionals who help entrepreneurs through each step of the journey to address difficult issues and learn new concepts to ensure that they keep improving. With the help of Private Corporate Counsel, entrepreneurs can begin to transition out of “working in their businesses” to “working on their businesses.”

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  1. Effective Sales Comp Plan Checklist
  2. Hiring High Performing Salespeople Checklist.
  3. Sales Priority Audit.

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