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Unfortunately, every business can expect to have a dispute with its customers from time to time.  These disputes can be simple disputes or raise to the level of extreme harm to the business.  Here are some form of disputes that are common:

  • Payment Disputes
  • Quality Disputes 
  • Delivery Disputes
  • Warranty Disputes 
  • Consumer Protection Disputes
  • Customer Service Disputes
  • Long Wait Disputes
  • Timeliness Disputes
  • Shipping Damage Disputes
  • Incorrect Charges Disputes
  • Fraud Disputes
  • Buyer’s Remorse Disputes


While many disputes are the result of dissatisfaction with a product of service, at times the customer may be acting in bad faith, or with an anterior bad motive. Therefore, when you have a customer dispute, it is a good idea to consult with your Private Corporate Counsel to learn how to identify and analyze the risks associated with the dispute before taking action.  This allows you to develop strategies to minimize these risks and develop a system to prevent the dispute from happening in the future, and deal with it constructively when if it does. 


When Customer Disputes Get Serious

Although all customer disputes are serious, at times it raises to the level of seriousness that requires more than just a consult. For example, the dispute may turn into a l bad review, a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, a complaint with a government authority, or a lawsuit. These disputes should be carefully analyzed and a clear strategy must be developed to handle them to mitigate any further damage to the company and to defend the company. So it is extremely important that you contact you contact your Private Corporate Counsel and provide a thorough outline of the facts, the key players, and copies of all documents and communications regarding the dispute. Then, you should work closely with your Private Corporate Counsel to outline your options, identify the pros and cons of each option and make a strategic decision about how to handle the dispute in a manner which will minimize the risks to the company.

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