About Private Corporate Counsel (PCC)

Thank you for your interest in Private Corporate Counsel, a business law firm comprised of business lawyers, business consultants, and business mediators located in Orlando, Florida.  Our lawyers provide a comprehensive list of business legal services, from the formation stage of a company to the enterprise stage, including transactional legal services, litigation and trial legal services, alternative dispute resolution services, and general business legal advice.  Our business consultants provide specialty-consulting services in business operational, marketing, and leadership issues. Our business mediators provide conflict resolution services that help businesses avoid litigation. Together, all three group of professionals provide business coaching and training and development services to help businesses and their leaders succeed.  

Legal services and beyond.

Private Corporate Counsel is dedicated to serving the business community. This includes businesses from start-ups and SMEs, to enterprise companies and the people who lead them, including entrepreneurs, executives, and members of leadership teams. Business lawyers have an important role in advising, counseling and helping businesses. They also assist in protecting and defending them against internal and external threats.  We believe that Business lawyers with business education, training, and practical experience are uniquely suited to help businesses and their leaders make tangible progress towards achieving their goals. We also believe that when business lawyers, business consultants, and business mediators collaborate, collectively they have the unique ability to help businesses and their leaders succeed.  Private Corporate Counsel’s business lawyers, consultants and mediators are dedicated to providing this holistic approach to the representation of their clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help businesses and their leaders succeed. 

Our Promise

We promise to help each of our clients succeed in making tangible progress towards achieving their aspirations and making a positive impact.

Our Why

Every business, entrepreneur, and business leader has the ability to affect the world in a positive way and make a positive impact on the lives of others. Their success means success for their employees, families, communities, our nation and the world.  By helping them succeed, we get to affect them in positive ways and create a positive ripple that reaches beyond our vision and awareness.  We get to make a positive difference, which we find extremely fulfilling. 
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“I have nothing but positive adjectives to describe the Program, and I wish I had found them earlier. Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely journey. If you sometimes wish that you could bounce ideas from someone with a road map to success, then CPLS’ Private Corporate Counsel Program is for you. Having experience with business owners at different points in their business journey is a fundamental resource that the Program offers you as an Owner/CEO. They have helped me as well as my team.”

Owner, Pediatric Therapy Group

Our CoreValues.

Our core values are things we strongly believe are of critical importance.  They are the guideposts by which we measure our daily lives and practice. They are not only rooted in the principles of professionalism, but also rooted in the universal principles of being a good example, and constantly striving to be our better selves, despite the challenges of life. They are, in no particular order:

  1. Humility, Integrity, Honesty & Trust  
  2. Accountability & Reliability 
  3. Quality Work & Quality Life
  4. Learning from Mistakes & Constantly Striving to Make Progress
  5. Building Empathy, and Being Caring and Compassionate 
  6. Loyalty, Being Helpful & Having a Positive Attitude
  7. Personal and Collective Growth and Development
  8. Succeeding and Sharing our Success
  9. Being Prepared and Ready to Lead
  10. Having a Positive Attitude 
  11. Constantly Striving to Make Progress
  12. Respecting Ourselves and Others
  13. Raising our Self and Social Awareness 
  14. Going the Extra Mile for Our Clients
  15. Being Prompt and Responsive 
Diversity & Inclusivity

We do not strive for diversity and inclusivity. We live it.  We are proud to include a balanced cross-section of our community including team members from varying socio-economic backgrounds, race and ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, age, and faiths.  While the emphasis is on qualifications, positive attitude, and our values when we invite new members to our team, we have been able to find these qualifications, positive attitude, and values in every cross-section of our community, making us the most comprehensively diverse law firm within our vision and awareness.  Our diversity makes us that much stronger.

By having a diverse talent of Attorneys, Mediators, Consultants, and staff, we are uniquely positioned to assist people from different cultures and different languages. We can assist people that can speak :

English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Arabic...

Our History.

Founded through legacy firms dating back to 1995, the firm started as a full service firm offering a broad range of legal services to individuals, small businesses, medium sized businesses and multi-national companies. In 2006, the firm expanded its portfolio of services to include consulting and mediation services.

In January 2018, the firm started the Private Corporate Counsel (“PCC”) Program, a business development program that provides entrepreneurs and executives access to legal counsel, consultants, and mediators. The goal of the program is to provide entrepreneurs and executives the equivalent of in-house counsel, business strong consulting, and dispute resolution services without the high cost of a traditional in-house counsel or an in-house legal department.

On April 1, 2023, the firm’s name officially changed to Private Corporate Counsel, to reflect the firm’s focus of serving businesses, entrepreneurs, and business leaders in their legal, business and personal legal needs. 

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