Circular graph; center reads "Business Attorneys", surrounded by colorful sections labelled Employment Law, Corporations LLCs, Mergers Acquisitions, Asset Purchase, Taxes, Contracts, Litigations, Negotiation, Legal Compliance, Legal Advice


“Private Corporate Counsel”SM is a business development program focused on helping businesses succeed. Business lawyers, business consultants, and business mediators work collectively with business owners, and executives to help them and their businesses succeed.

Circular graph; center reads "Business Attorneys", surrounded by colorful sections labelled Employment Law, Corporations LLCs, Mergers Acquisitions, Asset Purchase, Taxes, Contracts, Litigations, Negotiation, Legal Compliance, Legal Advice

Business Attorneys​

Private Corporate Counsel members have access to experienced Business Attorneys: 

Business Disputes

  • Proactively address potential conflicts.
  • Mitigate damages by negotiating favorable terms.
  • Aggressively prosecute or defend cases in court.

Business Contracts

  • Negotiate favorable contracts.
  • Reduce risk of internal harm.
  • Protection from external threats.
  • Protect intellectual property, trade secrets, and confidential information. 

Business Formation

  • Choose the best form of entity to conduct business.
  • Analyze business model, tax impact, and growth plans.
  • Form business entities. 
  • Acquire the required licenses.
  • Regulatory Compliance. 

Business Growth and Development

  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Asset purchase.
  • Real estate expansion.
  • Manage Transitions during the business life cycle.
  • Explore new opportunities responsibly.

Business Negotiations

  • Maximize opportunities.
  • Build relationships.
  • Focus on what’s important. 
  • More from competition to collaboration
  • Focus on underlining interest.
  • Focus on achieving mutual benefits.
  • Close the deal. 

Business Legal Advice

  • To help members make the best decisions.
  • Avoid unnecessary risks.
  • Plan effectively.
  • Improve knowledge and skills.
  • Tax issues.
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Business Consultants

Private Corporate Counsel members have access to Business Consultants.

  • Vision: Crystalize your business’ vision. 
  • Design: Understand and analyze business models, and make innovative improvements.
  • People: Get the right people on your team, lead them effectively, and increase productivity.
  • Data: Gather, analyze and use the right data to measure and improve performance.
  • Technology: Identity, acquire, and use the right technology to optimize performance and productivity. 
  • Issues: Identify, analyze, and solve business issues.
  • Process: Analyze, improve and implement effective processes and procedures.
  • Finance: Analyze cost structure, revenue streams, and financial health.
  • Customers: Identify, target, acquire, and expand the customer base.
  • Traction: Focus on your core vision, build leadership teams and develop and execute effective plans. 
Circular graph with business mediators in the center, with colorful surrounding sections labeled problem solving, conflict resolution, conflict avoidance, win-win collaboration, idea generation, negotiation strategy, team building, relationship building, leadership development, and trust building

Business Mediators

Private Corporate Counsel members have access to business mediators who can help with the resolution of disputes with employees, customers, partners, vendors, government agencies, and others. Business mediators also help members learn effective conflict resolution skills. 

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Leadership Focus

A business’ success is directly related to the leadership skills of its owners and executive team. The Private Corporate Counsel Program focuses on helping business owners and executives improve their leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities at the individual and organizational levels.

Life Cycle

Life Cycles

Private Corporate Counsel members are exposed to the developmental stages of their 7 major life Cycles with the goal of achieving prime in each life cycle. Business owners and executives who are in the prime of their 7 major life cycles serve as natural role models. An examination of their 7 major life cycles also helps members keep perspective, focus, and spend their time, energy, and resources on what’s important.

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Optimize Your Business

Private Corporate Counsel Members are exposed to new ideas, acquire new knowledge,  skills, and tools, and have the opportunity to integrate them into their daily lives. This improves the ability to generate new and exciting ideas, design business models for the ideas, test the ideas and models, create realistic plans, execute the plans effectively, collect data and analyze the results, and make incremental improvements. members strive to achieve prime,  optimize their business, create jobs and contribute to their community… Personal, organizational, and societal success!!!