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Private Corporate Counsel’s dedicated Accessible Corporate Counsel program is designed to provide corporate counsel to small and medium sized businesses (“SME’s), and non-profit organizations. Our focus is helping SMEs and non-profits address legal issues without breaking the bank. We provide professional legal guidance and help to SME’s and non-profits typically addressed by in-house counsel for large organizations, but at a fraction of the cost.

Ready Access to Trusted Advisor

Get your access to an objective business attorney who knows your business and its leaders well, and is not influenced by the company’s internal politics. This is important because it gives your company a fresh perspective on legal and business issues and valuable insight into industry best practices.

Reasonable & Manageable Cost

Keep your legal costs manageable by paying a reasonable flat monthly fee for your Accessible Corporate Counsel.

Valuable Benefits

Valuable Benefits

Accessible Private Corporate Counsel

Phone calls, emails, and Zoom calls between you and your Accessible Corporate Counsel on any matter, issue, or concern, whether legal or business related

Strategy Development and Analysis

Your Accessible Corporate Counsel will work hand in hand with you to develop and analyze strategies to help your business negotiate effectively with vendors, customers, and others

Contract Review and Analysis

Designated Your Accessible Corporate Counsel will review and analyze your contracts and advise you about your options, rights, and obligations. 

Registered Agent

Designate our Firm as your registered agent for service of process to ensure that you receive important legal documents for your business

Annual Meetings Minutes and Report Filing

Your Accessible Corporate Counsel will prepare your company’s annual minutes and your annual reports filed on time (excludes government fees)

Legal Letters

Your Accessible Corporate Counsel will prepare demand letters, and cease and desist letters to customers, workers, and others who may be causing harm to your business.

Mediate conflicts with workers

Your Accessible Corporate Counsel will serve as a mediator to help your workers resolve conflicts with each other and/or management

Corporate Records Review and Update

Your Accessible Corporate Counsel will review your company’s corporate/LLC records and let you know if they need updated. If they need updated, we will work with you to ensure that you do what it takes to update them. 

Corporate Counsel Designation on Website

Your business can list your dedicated Accessible Corporate Counsel as its corporate counsel on its website to let the public know that your business has legal representation and that it is ready to tackle any legal issues.

Legal service

Discount of Professional Services

Your business will receive discounts on business consulting services, business and executive coaching, and legal fees for specific matters, including litigation matters, contract negotiation and drafting, employment law issues, and other legal services not included in the monthly flat fee program.

Your employees will receive discounts on legal fees for personal issues such as family law issues, estate planning, etc…

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Effective Tools

While contracts are an effective tool to protect your business against risks and threats from internal workers and external partners, you can enhance this protection by having good policies and procedures in place to guide your workers in their daily tasks and to ensure that everyone complies with the standards you set for the business. This will help create and maintain the positive culture you want and need to improve and grow your business. Therefore, it is a good idea to consult with your Private Corporate Counsel about the following:

Anti-Discrimination Policies

Anti-Harassment Policies

ADA Policies

Vacation, Sick Leave and Volunteer Leave Policies

Pay and Overtime Policies

Conflict Resolution Policies

Performance Improvement Plan Policies

Grooming and Dress Policies

Media Policies

Social Media Policies

Crisis and Disaster Relief Policies

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