Our Team

Our Team

Meet the business and legal professionals behind the Private Corporate Counsel.

Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed for More Than 28 Years

The Private Corporate Counsel is a law firm that’s been helping clients tackle challenges, avoid crises and maximize their business’s potential since 1995. Our business and legal professionals have the education, training, and experience necessary to overcome the most difficult issues facing your business.

Daniel Helligar

Scott Livingston

Alberto E. Lugo-Janer

Evelyn Pabon Figueroa

Tee Persad

Larry P. Studer

T. Scott Tufts

Hallie Zobel

Christy Foley

Tee Persad

Dr. Richard I. Polisner

Richard Trapp

Kelly Hill

Jeffrey (JP) McAvoy

Tee Persad

Wayne Sprauve

Conflict Resolution - Personal Transition Planning - Personal Growth & Development

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If you’re looking for counsel to guide your business through challenges and proactively plan for the future, request a consultation and see how our dream team can make your dreams a reality.

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