You Need More Than Just a Business Lawyer. You Need a Private Corporate Counsel.

As an entrepreneur or executive, you’ll face new challenges every day. From conflicts with employees to setting up an LLC, the challenges and tasks you need to tackle might seem frustratingly endless. But don’t give up—with the right help, you can achieve freedom, balance, and certainty in your business.

During these difficult times, people often assume all they need is business attorneys to address their business needs. But in reality, to focus your sights on the right knowledge, skills, and ability, having counsel is best. The Private Corporate Counsel™ program was started by a team of expert business attorneys, consultants, and mediators at CPLS, P.A. for entrepreneurs and executives to become peak performers.

With the right guides, you can be proactive in resolving your problems and reaching your goals. During their personalized coaching sessions, PCC members will be introduced to important tools that will encourage them take a step forward in owning or operating your business. Here are the three types of advisors PCC members have access to.

Business Lawyers
The right business lawyers will help you address negotiate favorable contracts to minimize risks, protect from internal and external threats, and aggressively defend cases in court. PCC business lawyers are available to provide legal advice and ensure legal compliance on business formation and growth matters, including but not limited to:

  • Business Structures
  • Business and Corporate Law
  • Employment Law
  • Negotiation
  • Litigation
  • Taxes
  • Contracts
  • Asset Purchase
  • Mergers and acquisitions

Make better decisions, avoid unnecessary risks, and plan effectively with an experienced lawyer.

Business Consultants
Business growth and development can involve mergers and acquisitions, real estate expansion, and exploring new opportunities. An experienced business consultant assists you in taking responsible steps to gain traction. The consultant will start by understanding your business model and crystalizing your organization’s vision. From there, PCC members and their advisors work collectively to analyze and measure data, implement innovations that improve processes, review financial health, and get the right people on the members’ teams.

Business Mediators
The top business crises that owners and operators face is conflict with employees and conflict with partners. Certified mediators work with members to resolve disputes among employees, customers, partners, vendors, government agencies, and more. By participating in mediation sessions, members learn effective conflict resolution skills better developing their leadership skills.

To learn more about the Private Corporate Counsel™ program, book a free consultation today by calling us at 407-647-7887, or by filling out a contact form. The Private Corporate Counsel™ program consists of business attorneys, consultants, and mediators that help you optimize your business.

*The information provided above does not constitute legal advice.

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