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Relationship Life Cycle

Work and Home Life Balance

Work-life balance is a term that often is thrown around; it may be familiar to some, but it can be elusive to most. Work-life balance

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Relationship Life Cycle

Climate Change

Climate change is one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time. Its effects are already being felt worldwide, and its impacts will only

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Personal Life Cycle

The Start of Change

What do you want? We all want something; that is just human nature. It could be the dream home for your spouse and kids, maybe

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Select Attorney
Professional Life Cycle

How To Select An Attorney For Your Business

Over the course of 19 plus years practicing law in the State of Florida, the attorneys of CPLS, P.A. have had the honor of helping hundreds of entrepreneurs launch their businesses–some of which succeed and others of which fail. During this time, we have identified11 key steps to the successful formation and operation of a business and it starts with a business plan. Most successful entrepreneurs follow these steps, while those who don’t often fail.

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