New Actions to Manage Regional Migration

On April 27, 2023, the Biden Administration announced sweeping new measures aimed at further reducing unlawful migration across the Western Hemisphere. These measures build on the Administration’s existing efforts to address the root causes of migration and create a more secure and humane border.

The new measures include:

  1. Strengthening Border Security: Increased funding for border security measures, including the hiring of additional Border Patrol agents and the deployment of new technology to detect and deter illegal border crossings.
  1. Imposing stiffer consequences for failing to use lawful pathways: Individuals who unlawfully cross the border will be processed under expedited removal, will be barred from reentry to the United States for at least 5 years if they are ordered removed, and will be presumed ineligible for asylum.
  1. Addressing Root Causes of Migration: Investment in programs that address the root causes of migration, such as poverty, violence, and corruption. These programs will help to create more opportunities for people in their home countries, reducing the need for them to migrate.
  1. Expanding Legal Pathways to Migration: Expansion of legal pathways to migration, including increasing the number of refugee admissions and expanding eligibility for asylum. These efforts will ensure that those who have a legitimate claim to seek protection in the United States can do so in a safe and orderly manner.
  1. Enhancing Immigration Enforcement: Increased enforcement efforts to ensure that those who violate immigration laws are held accountable. This includes cracking down on employers who exploit undocumented workers and increasing the number of immigration judges to reduce backlogs in the immigration courts.
  1. Providing Humanitarian Assistance: Humanitarian assistance to those who are affected by migration, including refugees and migrants who are in transit. This assistance includes food, shelter, and medical care, as well as legal assistance to help those who are seeking protection in the United States.

These measures represent a comprehensive approach to addressing the complex issue of migration in the Western Hemisphere. By focusing on both the root causes of migration and improving border security, the Biden Administration is seeking to create a more secure and humane border that benefits both the United States and its neighbors.

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