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Estate Planning

The Estate of Anne Heche

Anne Heche a well known actress, who won the National Board of Review Award, a Tony Award Nomination and Emmy Award Nomination, passed away after a horrific car accident in 2022 in California. Now her son is named as her executor, in the state of California, and things are a mess. Despite being of some wealth, Anne Heche had no Last Will and Testament, nor a Living Trust, causing difficulty for her two sons, Homer and Atlas.

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Estate Planning

Supported Decision Making in Florida

Larger decisions can be difficult. You have the right to make choices.  You can ask for support to make your decisions. This means that you will be making the decision, not someone making the decisions for you or instead of you.
The person or persons that will support you are chosen by you. The supporters can help you make informed decisions in the following ways:

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Business Life Cycle

The Corporate Transparency Act 

Small Businesses Compliance FAQs Starting January 1, 2024 the Federal Government added a new reporting requirement for Small Businesses, requiring the filing of a Beneficial

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