Why PCC Is A Better Choice For Your Business

Small and medium sized businesses are formed and operated by incredible entrepreneurs who are excellent at their craft, love the idea of being independent, and are passionate about their business.  Most of these entrepreneurs have not had any formal training or education on how to operate a business, how comply with laws and regulations that affect their business, how to resolve conflicts, and how to grow and develop their business. Instead, their informal training and education comes from the school of hard knocks, through trial and error, risk taking, and daily experiences. When they encounter an obstacle, roadblock, or crisis they panic and seek out help from lawyers who specialize in litigation (formal conflict resolution through the Courts), or other “specialties” such as employment law, contracts law, general business law, real estate law, etc…, however, these lawyers are usually limited by their specialty, focus, training and capacity.

While business lawyers have an important role in advising, counseling and helping businesses, their role and focus may be too limited for small and medium sized businesses.  These businesses have a more comprehensive “whole business” need that traditional business lawyers are unable to fill.  Small and medium sized businesses need more than just a lawyer who handles a “spin off” issue, conflict, obstacle, crisis or roadblock.  They need a resource who can help them strategically address the pressing issue, but also investigate the root cause, help them develop a plan to prevent the crisis from reoccurring, and help them get back on track and on a path to growth and development. 


Because Private Corporate Counsel takes a “whole business” approach to representing small and medium sized businesses, its business lawyers, business mediators and business consultants can help entrepreneurs with many additional issues. When business lawyers, business mediators, and business consultants collaborate, collectively they have the unique ability to help small and medium sized businesses and their leaders succeed.  This holistic approach includes addressing many issues, including:

  1. Legal Issues – helping businesses comply with laws and regulations, enforcement of rights and obligations, negotiation and drafting of contracts and deals, etc…
  2. Crisis Management Issues – helping businesses address issues which have a dramatic impact on the business, and are often unexpected, impactful, and expensive.
  3. Conflict Resolution Issues – helping businesses resolve  internal and external conflicts, which disrupt the business, if not resolved timely and cost effectively.
  4. Collaboration – helping businesses collaborate with internal, and external strategic partners to maximize productivity, reduce conflict, and spur innovation.
  5. Business Consulting –  helping businesses analyze and improve their business model, improve operations, and expand their market share.
  6. Organizational Leadership – helping businesses analyze and update their processes and systems, and generate synergy.
  7. Education and Training –  helping businesses train their workers to comply with laws and regulations, improve communications, reduce conflict, and improve productivity.
  8. Risk Management – helping businesses asses the known and predictable risks and crate a plan to reduce and manage risks.

Using this “whole business” approach, Private Corporate Counsel helps small and medium sized businesses proactively plan, build stronger relationships, spur creativity and innovation, and opportunity readiness.  Hiring Private Corporate Counsel is like hiring a one-stop-shop designed to help you tackle your business crisis, help your business stabilize, and help you grow and develop your business.

To learn more about how Private Corporate Counsel can help you tackle your business crisis, stabilize your business, and grow and develop your business, call us at 407-647-7887 or email us at info@pcc.law.

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