Mandatory Use of Form I-9 New Edition

Employers are required, under federal law, to verify new hires’ employment authorization and re-verify the continued employment authorization of those workers with employment authorization that is limited to a certain period of time. Employment verification is completed using Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification and, in some cases, E-Verify. Failing to verify employment authorization, improperly completing Form I-9, and hiring unauthorized workers, will subject the employer to penalties.
A new edition of Form I-9 was issued on August 1, 2023. Between August 1st and November 1st, employers were allowed to use the old edition or the new edition. However, starting November 1, 2023, employers will ONLY be able to use the Form I-9 with the August 1, 2023, edition date. It is important that employers review their files to make sure they are using the correct edition. If you would like to talk to an attorney or need assistance complying with your company’s employment eligibility verification requirements, contact Attorney Evelyn J. Pabon Figueroa at (407) 647-7887 or
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