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It’s Like Having Your Own In-house Counsel and More

Don’t let navigating the day-to-day challenges of running your business stand in the way of growth. The Private Corporate Counsel Program’s team of legal, business development, and conflict resolution professionals is here to support you at every step of your journey.

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Business Attorneys

Work with a legal team to tackle problems with confidence, mitigate damages, and reduce risks.

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Business Consultants

Work with experts to improve your business model, plan, operations, marketing, and more.

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Business Mediators

Work with mediators to help resolve conflicts constructively.

Do You Struggle With…

  • Reducing costs and saving money?
  • Missing opportunities due to a lack of specialized knowledge, skills, or tools?
  • Reducing friction between stakeholders?
  • Balancing the stress of business ownership with personal relationships and family life?
  • Feeling secure about your finances, without fear of business failure or bankruptcy?
  • Feeling confident about the future of your business?

As a business leader, you know the value of the big picture.

Achieving long-term success for your business requires vision, planning, and innovation. When you encounter roadblocks along the way, building the momentum you need to grow can feel impossible. An experienced Private Corporate Counsel can give you the tools you need to focus on realizing your business dreams with confidence.

Supporting Businesses at Every Stage

Private Corporate Counsels empower entrepreneurs and executives like you with the resources you need to tackle problems head-on and capitalize on opportunities at every stage of your business journey.



Proactively tackle the issues your business faces with the help of seasoned business lawyers.



Minimize legal and business risks, obstacles, and roadblocks to achieving your goals.


Your Business

Learn the skills you need to gain control of your business and make progress toward realizing your dreams.


Your Business

Get the help you need to take your business to the next level, increase your market share, revenue, and profitability.

Mary Kogut-Lowell

“Our program is specifically designed for entrepreneurs and executives to have a team by your side, every step of the way.”

— Mary Kogut-Lowell, JD, MBA, MA

PCC Program Director, Business Attorney, and Consultant

Helping Businesses Thrive

for Over 27 Years

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“Our attorneys have added great value to our business through the Private Corporate Counsel Program. Our monthly meetings have tangible value to our personal, professional, and entrepreneurial life. Our Private Corporate Counsel responds to all of our questions and guides us with tools that help our business grow. We have the peace of mind of having someone to reach out to for business matters. Highly recommended!”

Owner of Roofing Company
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“My company participates in the Private Corporate Counsel Program, and I love it. My Private Corporate Counsel has been very encouraging and is helping me strategize to grow my small business. They provide very helpful and useful applications, tools, and information. I would recommend this program to any small business!”

John Doe
John Doe
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Owner of Medical Equipment Company
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“My Private Corporate Counsel has been a great asset to my firm! Aside from assisting us with legal matters, they provide insight regarding future company development, leadership, client attraction, strategic marketing, and improving our operations for efficiency and growth. The Private Corporate Counsel program has been extremely valuable for our business!”

Owner of Construction Company

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Work hand in hand with your Private Corporate Counsel and proactively tackle business problems and capitalize on opportunities.

Explore Our Resources

Insights from business attorneys, consultants, and conflict resolution experts.

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Your Path to Success Starts Today.

Learn how your very own Private Corporate Counsel’s mediation, consulting, and fractional legal services can make your business dreams a reality.

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