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10 Lessons from Hurricanes for Business Owners

Even the worst disasters and challenges give us a few lessons that serve us in our personal lives, relationships, families, profession, jobs, and businesses. Hurricane Ian was no exception. During our firm’s Monday morning leadership team meeting, each team leader identified lessons they learned from the Hurricane Ian experience. These lessons were personal and had implications for our firm, as well as every business we serve.

Employee Problems in the Workplace

Employee Problems in the Workplace: Company Pays the Price for Rogue Employee

South Floridians Peggy and William Post sought relief from the Florida heat and decided to install two new AC units on their properties. Acting on a recommendation from an acquaintance, they contacted Island Aire and met with Sam Vandernoth to arrange for purchase and installation. Once an agreement was reached, the Posts signed an agreement provided by Vandernoth and wrote two checks totaling $3,000 — both payable to Vandernoth.

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Customer Empathy Can Be a Key to Business Success

There’s no secret formula to sales. But there is a key—and that key is putting yourself in your customer’s shoes. Customers want to work with human beings, not robots. They aren’t just looking for your service; they are seeking human connection. Showing that you understand their perspective and can identify their needs from a place of care can influence their purchasing decisions. Customer service is nothing without customer empathy.

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The Top 5 Business Crises You Can Tackle Today With the Help of Private Corporate Counsel™

Owning and operating a business is not easy. At times it feels like there is a new crisis every day, many of which you feel ill-equipped to handle. Since about 90% of all businesses are currently dealing with a legal issue, it not surprising that you are too. The business lawyers, consultants, and mediators in the Private Corporate Counsel™ program can help you tackle these business crisis – help you make progress and achieve your business goals.

Private Corporate Counsel

Private Corporate Counsel™: More Than Just Business Lawyers

Approximately 80% of new businesses survive the first two years of being open, 55% survive the first five years, and 35% during the first 10 years; only 25% of new businesses make it to 15 years or more.  What are the common factors between those that succeed? What should entrepreneurs, owners and business leaders focus on to increase their chances of success?

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